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is run by me, Gail Grannum, to provide you with current Marketing Strategy for Social Media, Internet Marketing Reviews, Tips, Automation & Software.

Since I am not a Internet Marketing guru with massive paychecks to display, what I can do is share my opinion of current products.  FYI, if a product is crappy, I will not review on this site.

For the better part of the last decade, I have studied and taken some actions toward my online goals.  Yet I have struggled with consistency and even ceased my efforts for several years.

Marketing Strategy AskGailG.com

Marketing Strategy AskGailG.com

Marketing Strategy

Like many others who wish to succeed online, there is so much noise from offers that it is tough to keep focus.  As I returned to my own efforts, I have targeted my focus to the two most essential assets in my online affiliate marketing, growing my blog and email list.

What I have learned through my years of effort is how easy it is to keep busy, but not profitable, with internet marketing and not make a penny.  Becoming successful on the web is just like any part of life.  It takes very hard work, persistance and most importantly focus on profitable tasks.

On my journey, I have learned to balance using free vs. paid resources.  For instance, this website uses several paid products that saved me time and provide specific benefits.

In fact writing reviews of useful products will provide my readers with my opinions and help them make informed choices as they build their businesses.

For instance, although there are a free solutions for setting up a website like Weebly, Blogger or WordPress.com. However, if you plan on building an online presence for the long term, I suggest you have a self-hosted site and own your domain.

Although there may be a SEO link-building benefit to have a presence on high authority sites, just don’t have that as your money site.

Market Online AskGailG.com

Market Online AskGailG.com

Market Online

When you market online there are a ton of tips and tactics that can increase your chance of success. Although some will require a big budget or steep learning curve, you should balance your time and budget to provide the best customer experience.

AskGailG.com will give visitors a mixture of both internet marketing strategies and products & services reviewed. These strategies, products and services will allow you to start and scale your business as you market online.

  • Software that supports creating websites, quality content for visitors and building email lists.
  • Which Social Media Marketing strategies and tactics are working now.
  • Video Marketing to increase website traffic and visitor engagement.
  • How to increase conversions, save time and reduce costs.
Online Marketing Success AskGailG.com

Online Marketing Success AskGailG.com

How I Can Help You

When I created a successful marketing plan, I realized that to be successful, it takes a lot of time and hard work. How do you establish an early authority in your chosen niche? Especially when you are testing and analyzing results.

One of the core reasons for this blog is to share effective strategies, tips and products that can grow your business and save you time.

About AskGailG.com Entrepreneur

About AskGailG.com Entrepreneur

One marketing strategy that provides the authority of established domain authority websites is a unique wordpress plugin.

My magic powers do not include software development. However, I will write about the tools, plug-in and services that I find useful.

I am an affiliate marketer, so I earn a commission when you find my information helpful. But that doesn’t prevent me from providing honest reviews, pointing out the both the good and areas for improvement.

The website will continually undergo changes as it evolves. Come back often to read the posts and observe how the site develops. Click the link below for my review of the WordPress Website Development product that I used.

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About AskGailG.com | Marketing Strategy
AskGailG.com will share current marketing strategy and internet marketing product reviews. Writing posts and reviews of useful marketing strategy and useful internet marketing products & services will help visitors make informed choices.
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